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Staffing Nursing Homes

We know how difficult the past 18 months has been, particularly for those working in assisted living facilities. It is no wonder, then, they are facing staffing shortages to the point of families complaining it has affected care of their loved ones.

“The top complaints we get are really indicative of staffing such as symptoms unattended, cold food, slow response to calls for help,” said Beverley Laubert, Ohio Long-Term Care Ombudsman.

What now, then? Do we appease families by setting minimum standards of care facilities are incapable of meeting? They’ve still got to figure out how to recruit more students to become nursing assistants.

Lawmakers have some thinking to do. Perhaps a good place to start is in the high schools, where counselors can talk to students about the need for nursing assistants and the difference they will make.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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