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Everyone Needs To Do Their Part With COVID

It’s been over 600 days of fighting and we’re tired,” Tracie Hayes, a COVID-19 surge unit nurse manager at Mount Carmel Health System, told WCMH in Columbus. “We’re asking for your help.”

The help they need is for Ohio residents to be doing everything they can to slow the spread of the virus. We all know the drill.

It is frightening to note that WCMH reported health officials in the Columbus areas said they do not have the manpower to staff another temporary hospital site like the one utilized in 2020. The medical community is running on empty.

“They’re asking me for a miracle. And I am so sad … because that’s all I’m seeing around me — are miracles everyday. We asked and prayed for people to save our lives. And they gave us a vaccine,” Hollis said. We are going on two years of COVID. Health officials are begging us to do what we can to make sure there is an end in sight.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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