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Keeping Voter Rolls Up-to-Date

West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner is doing a little cleanup of the voter rolls, and you can help by watching your mailbox.

If you are a registered voter who has changed addresses with the DMV or post office, or if you have not updated your voter registration or voted in the past four years, there is a postcard on its way to help confirm the information on file in county clerks’ offices is correct.

“The law requires election officials to send a postcard to each voter identified by the USPS as having signed up for mail forwarding service through the National Change of Address program, and data obtained from other states’ Departments of Motor Vehicles showing voters may have moved to another state. The law is in place to make sure voters on West Virginia rolls are still residents of West Virginia at the address on file with the County Clerk,” Warner said.

“Since we have information from the voter that they may have moved or have had no contact with election officials by updating their registration or voting, many times we find that these voters moved and simply forgot to cancel their registration or are deceased.”

So, if you want to remain “active” on voter rolls, return the postcard you receive. Those whose postcards are not returned, or for whom the U.S. Postal Service determines them to be “undeliverable” will be labeled “inactive.” Warner’s office says there will be nearly 170,000 postcards sent out.

It is a good tool for making sure our elections remain fair and fraud-free. Warner’s office deserves credit for making the effort.

Now it is up to the rest of us to finish the job.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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