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Elections Officials Need To Understand Process

Nowhere in West Virginia’s election law does it state that voters cannot bring a piece of paper into the voting booth to help them ensure they vote for their candidates of choice.

But in Ohio County, as we found out just a few days before the primary election, voters indeed were wrongly stopped from such assistance.

Why? Because elections officials in Ohio County, on their own, determined it was not allowed. They did not consult with the Secretary of State’s office; they instead used their own interpretation of the law to determine what was and what wasn’t allowed.

We don’t know how many people were incorrectly told they couldn’t do something they obviously could. Ohio County elections officials, prior to the November general election, need to make sure they understand the state’s election laws — and if they have a question, instead of attempting to interpret the law themselves and end up being wrong, as was the case here, perhaps they should do what we did — call the Secretary of State’s office and get the right answer.

Who would have thought it could be that simple?


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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