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Patrolling Friendly Skies

Most drivers tend to believe they are familiar with the ways in which law enforcement tries to keep us all safer on the roads. Speed checks, DUI checkpoints, patrolling to keep an eye out for distracted driving … those traditional methods are being joined by a new effort in the air.

According to a report by Spectrum News 1 in Cleveland, the Ohio State Highway Patrol is testing an air patrol in Fairfield County, which could be expanded to 10 counties by the end of the year. With the ability to observe a radius of several miles, the plane has a camera, mapping system, GPS and vehicle speed measurement system.

“The pilot is maintaining an orbit over a certain area, the area that we are focused on, and the pilot is looking for erratic driving behavior,” S/Lt. Justin Cromer, OSHP aviation commander, told Spectrum News.

While it sounds very futuristic, Cromer insists the goal is to keep Ohioans safer. It would be nice if Buckeye State drivers would beat them to the punch and start behaving a little better behind the wheel. Do not drive distracted or under the influence, do not speed, drive according to road conditions, make sure you and your passengers are properly belted in; and remember you are taking more than just your own life in your hands. If you dismiss these rules of the road, it looks as though OSHP has a new tool to prove you are very wrong.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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