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Adjusting Police Policy

Responsible police department leaders understand it is periodically necessary to adjust policy, improve training and change tactics. In the case of the Columbus Police Department, some of those changes were made necessary after officers responded to demonstrations against racial injustice and police brutality … by resorting to physical violence. Those injured during the protests won a $5.75 million settlement as a result.

Columbus City Council knew it and the department had some work to do. Earlier this week, council approved changes that will limit how officers can use force against protesters.

Mayor Andrew Ginther prohibited police use of tear gas and limited use of pepper spray to clear streets. A subsequent order by a federal judge said police can’t inflict pain to punish or deter nonviolent protesters.

As horrific incidents prompted public scrutiny of police departments, those in law enforcement had to do some self-assessment, too. For some departments, that led to positive change.

It appears as though the Columbus Police Department is well on its way to achieving just that.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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