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Pats on the Back

– To the board members, employees and customers of Main Street Bank, which on Monday celebrated its 21st birthday. The bank has been a community success for the Upper Ohio Valley with branches up and down the Ohio River.

– To Bridgeport High School teacher Joanna Vincenzo who is one of three nationwide to receive a $5,000 grant to help educate students with special needs.

The “More than a Teacher” initiative provided the funding.

Vincenzo said she plans to use the grant to help fund a sensory corner in her classroom.

– To all those in the local region who helped organize West Virginia Day events on Monday to mark the state’s 159th birthday. The marquee event at West Virginia Independence Hall was coupled with smaller events in Weirton and Marshall County to mark the beginning of the state’s 160th year.

– To the organizers, speakers and attendees of Wheeling’s Juneteenth event last week at Market Plaza — the same location where auctioneers once sold slaves.

Wheeling has been ahead of the nation when it comes to marking Juneteenth, as YWCA Wheeling Director of Cultural Diversity and Community Outreach Ron Scott Jr. noted.

“It’s special to me. Since we’ve been doing this, the country’s caught up, and decided to make this a national holiday, even though Wheeling, we’ve been doing it,” he said.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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