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Support Ferguson

Editor, News-Register:

As we go through the year we celebrate a few holidays that focus on our national identity. Foremost, is probably July 4th, or more accurately referred to as Independence Day.

Many do not know, because they have not been taught, that this past Tuesday, September 17, was the 232nd anniversary of our Constitution being ratified. The Constitution, as we know, defines our God given rights and also defines the limitations of the federal government.

September 17th, in my opinion, should be celebrated each year just as reverently as Independence Day.

We must realize that without our Constitution and moral people to enforce it, we would not have survived as a free nation and will not survive into the future. For that matter, the “Free World” would most assuredly not exist upon this planet.

I thank God that there are individuals, like Ron Ferguson, who completely understands the vital importance of our founding documents and moral leadership. I have known Ron for many years and have observed how passionately he has instilled the values of the Founding Fathers into the public awareness.

Ron has an exceptional moral compass and is a lover of life and freedom. I believe, as do many of my friends and acquaintances, that Ron Ferguson is the right person to lead Ohio House District 96.

If you believe as I do that we need a moral, conservative leader who lives by the Constitution and stands up for freedom in our valley and in our nation, please honor Ron Ferguson in 2020 with your vote, and I guarantee that he will honorably serve you.

Bob Blinco



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