Don’t Bring the Baby

Editor, News-Register:

On October 23, I attended the musical “Jersey Boys” at the Capitol Theatre. My ticket cost $68. I hadn’t seen the musical before, so I was really looking forward to a wonderful night of music. About 15 minutes into the musical during the dialogue, I heard a baby start to fuss. It seemed every time the dialog between the character began, the baby started fussing. Someting was said to the mother but she refused to leave.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love babies as much as anyone else. I have several grandchildren and three great-grandchildren but is this the appropriate time and place to bring a baby? It became annoying. I know I reported it to an usher during intermission. She said she would report it. I don’t know how many people spoke up. What ever happened to consideration for those around you? When my children were young, if you didn’t have a babysitter, you didn’t go. It’s called respect and consideration for others!

Sue Hoffman



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