Dr. Merrick Praised

Editor, News-Register:

I recently was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the Schiller Cancer Institute at the Wheeling Hospital after a biopsy by Dr Merrick. The other urologist that I went too before Dr Merrick did not find the cancer but my PSA kept increasing. Dr Merrick located and identified the type of cancer and spent as long as necessary (even though he’s a very important and busy urologist) explaining my options.

We chose the best solution and he performed the surgery without any issues and I’m now cured. He’s simply the best and the Ohio Valley is lucky to have him & his team. The nurses, staff and everyone at that hospital are tremendous, professional, and kind.

I thank God I was recommended to Dr Merrick & Wheeling Hospital and, although they are well known I wanted to express my gratitude to them.

Scot Evans

Canton, Ohio


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