Here’s How to Help

Editor, News-Register:

Many people and businesses in our community have asked how they can help during this crisis. At this time, we at Wheeling Hospital are not able to use volunteers, which are critical to the lifeline of a hospital. However, there are things you can do to support the health care workers in our community. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Follow the CDC guideline: The main thing you can do to support health care workers is to help limit the number of people who get sick (flatten the curve). Please follow the guidelines and practice social distancing, washing your hands frequently, not visiting the hospital. Basically, stay home unless you absolutely have to be out.

2. Thank the caregivers: If you know a health care worker, be sure to thank them for their tireless efforts. Just hearing that you recognize their work is powerful. This includes not only clinical people such as nurses and doctors, but also includes our environment services staff who work hard to keep the hospital clean, our dietary staff who supply us with nutrition and our technicians from every discipline. Thank them!

3. Give blood: Because of this pandemic, blood supplies are at a critical low. We still have patients coming into our hospital due to accidents, emergency surgery, or other medical conditions. Hospital donation centers are no longer open due to the virus; however you can still donate blood by contacting Vitalent or your local Red Cross. It is essential that we stock up and have adequate blood supplies to care for our most vulnerable.

4. Provide support however you can: Consider cooking a meal or doing grocery store shopping for your neighbor or friend who is a health care worker. Food can be left on the front porch to adhere to social distancing, and this will make a world of difference to the health care worker who returns home from a long shift. If the health care worker has children and you know this person very well, offer child care support so they can do their job in caring for others. These are a couple of examples of how the community can help.

Wheeling is a tremendous place to live, filled with kind, loving people who exhibit Mountaineer Pride on a daily basis. Please join me in thanking our health care workers and providing them support during this difficult and tiring time.

Douglass Harrison

CEO, Wheeling Hospital


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