Do What’s Best for Kids

Editor, News-Register:

The planned graduation ceremony in Marshall County is all wrong, in my opinion. These kids have worked hard for 13 years and want a normal ceremony in front of their peers, parents and grandparents. They are proud of their accomplishment and deserve to be recognized.

Why not have the graduation at the football field, like in years past. The field is probably big enough to keep some social distancing for the graduates. The parents and grandparents could sit in the stands like before, and since families are not social distancing at home, they could bunch up in groups to make room for everyone. The ceremony is about and for the kids/parents and grandparents. Has anyone asked them what they prefer?? The planned ceremony sounds like it is more for the officials to just get it over with. Or, why not postpone to July, when it is possible we could be back to normal??? Marshall County Schools, do what is best for the kids!!

Charles Schultz



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