Vote for Elijah Dean

Editor, News-Register:

I am writing this letter to share my opinion regarding Elijah Dean, a candidate for WV state senator because I believe every WV citizen should know about every candidate, especially one with whom they many not be familiar, in order to make an informed choice on voting day.

I just returned from a muddy walk down a dirt road on this drizzly morning to stick a campaign sign at the edge of our property line because I believe in this candidate enough to campaign for him, even though he is running in WV and I live on the PA side of the PA/WV state line that our property borders.

Why? Because he stands for things that are important to me. He’s pro-family, pro-second amendment, pro-coal, and most importantly to me, pro-life. Some things the current republican senator from WV, who is running again, does not always vote in accordance with.

I’ve known THIS candidate, Elijah Dean, for over 13 years. I know his wife, his children, his parents, his in-laws, his aunts and uncles and cousins. He’s been to my home numerous times. He is not to me just some random candidate whose ideas I support. Elijah Dean has entered this senate race standing on things he has ALWAYS believed in.

If you’re from WV, I would like to ask you to consider him as your candidate and give him your vote for state senator. You can follow him, ask him questions, get your own campaign sign for your yard, and see what he’s all about on his Facebook page, or on his website at ElijahDean4WV.com.

Dr. Sandi Queen

New Freeport, Pa.


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