Get a Grip, People

Editor, News-Register:

What a world. I’m surprised we don’t see more men and women going to work and to college, toting not only a cellphone and an expensive drink but an emotional support animal as well. It appears today that some groups of people are incapable of dealing with dislikes they see, so they hit the streets and act as if they are superior to others, simply because they want to change and rename everything.

Shouldn’t we be focusing on changes that cause positive change that is enjoyed by all? I don’t care for some sports and I especially don’t care for Mexicana, hard rock, rap and metal music. I would never run to the streets, form a mob and sound off. Others like that kind of music. It’s OK with me.

I don’t see widespread racism growing rampant across the United States. I’m seeing more sissy boys and fragile people making lots of noise in the streets. I’m seeing children growing up to be snobbish people, and it appears the Democratic Party is supporting bad behavior.

Maybe we should put statues of the murdered toddlers and children in the cities where they were murdered.

Get a grip, people. It’s an election year. Defunding the police is not a way to prevent more death and destruction in our country’s cities and towns. House Speaker Pelosi said, in response to all the statues destroyed, that people will do what people do. A powerful politician such as she is, and I’m thinking she’s not smarter than a fifth grader.

Phyllis Werts

Renovo, Pa.


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