It’s All Propaganda

Editor, News-Register:

If you have watched Trump’s press conferences, you might have noticed Trump is very kind to the One America News Network reporter.

One America News Network was started by multi-millionaire Robert Herring in 2013 after Mr. Herring got his third wife in Russia. Herring dictates what news is reported on OANN and insists on stories that are pro-Trump and pro-Russia and won’t allow reporting of news stories that are critical of Trump.

I learned of this network from a family member who is a Trump supporter. This person is elderly and lives in a rural area where he cannot get cable, so watches OANN on DirecTV.

If you wonder, as I have, why Trump’s base continues to support him, no matter how outrageous his actions and words are, OANN could be the reason. People who get their news from One America News do not hear the truth about Trump.

I consider OANN to be Russian leader Vladimire Putin’s personal propaganda machine.

Jean Woolums

St. Clairsv


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