Put on a Mask

Editor, News-Register:

Until Covid, I’d always believed that people are innately good, kind, caring and generous. I’m being disavowed of this belief by the behavior of people during the pandemic.

It’s astounding how many people won’t wear masks. They’re incredibly selfish. It’s all about them. They don’t care about another human being.

I’m not shy about confronting non-mask wearers. Some encounters have gotten ugly. I’ve heard all of their lame excuses.

They complain that masks make them hot, or sweaty, or steam up their glasses. Well, guess what? Me too, but I still wear a mask. Why? Because I don’t know if I’m an asymptomatic carrier or not and neither do they. I don’t want to unknowingly pass the virus to anyone.

But they don’t care, do they?

Another excuse I hear is “I support Trump.” Why anyone thinks this is a legitimate reason not to wear a mask defies logic. Wear a MAGA mask. I don’t care. Just wear a mask.

I’ve heard, “I have a medical condition.” I suspect many of those “medical conditions” are just bogus excuses for not wearing a mask. If true, however, those people should definitely wear masks since there’s a good chance they’ll die if they contract COVID.

Then there’s the famous, “It’s my right not to wear a mask. You can’t make me.” I’d agree it’s their right, if it were only themselves they risk killing. But it’s not. When their behavior potentially endangers others’ health, their rights take a back seat. It’s the same reasoning as laws against driving drunk.

Next let’s talk about people who wear masks below their noses. Who are the trying to kid? Here’s a newsflash. The nose is part of the body’s whole breathing apparatus. The nose is one of the places they shove that giant swab for a COVID test. Unless the nostrils are permanently sewn shut, pull up the mask.

Since our country is irrevocably divided anyway, I have a solution. Let’s have separate shopping hours, church services, schools, etc., for mask wearers and non-mask wearers. That way mask wearers can keep themselves and others safe. While non-mask wearers can be free to infect and kill each other. That’s ludicrous, right?

Well, so is not wearing a mask.

Linda Pockl

Martins Ferry


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