Defeat Trump

We have become zombies. We seem to be totally inured to Trump’s hourly lies and disasters.

How is it the tough American — the greatest generation– has dangerously accepted the distortion of truth and hardship?

A brief review of Trump’s constant attacks on our people, values, norms, and institutions reveals:

Broadcasting Trump’s indecent behavior, as Roger Cohen of the NY Times did, by defining Trump’s foulness writing “the president’s personality is consistent: a mix of coward, racist, liar, con artist, narcissist, grifter, and blowhard.”

Disrespecting of Americans by disparaging attacks on, women, blacks, immigrants, veterans, military leaders, media, etc.

Denying of very dangerous global warming by withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement.

Lying about the COVID-19 virus that has already killed 200,000 Americans and is projected to kill 200,000 more by the end of the year.

Waging war on desperate immigrants — from our nation of immigrants — harming the most vulnerable, including thousands of children.

Wrecking of the U.S. Postal Service during a largely vote by mail election.

Building a very dangerous war machine at a time when the United States already spends more than the next eight nations combined, including Russia and China.

Corrupting the U.S. Departments of Justice and State (Mueller, Flynn, Stone, Yovanovitch etc.)

Destroying America’s safety net of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Affordable Care Act, etc.

Our only salvation for our great country is to soundly defeat Trump at the polls on November third.

Bill Bryant

St. Clairsville


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