Help Minority Businesses

Editor, News-Register:

Sometime in the early 1970s, an employee of Centre Foundry and Machine died unexpectedly. My memory isn’t so good if it was work related or not, but the employees thought taking a day off in memory of the deceased man would be a nice gesture. My father, who was in upper management at the still-functioning mill, thought of a better idea: work the next day and donate the one-day pay to the man’s family. Unfortunately, those employees didn’t agree with my late father’s idea, thus ending a happy ending to the story and positive memory for the man’s family.

Why did this story pop up from my memory after almost 50 years? It should be quite clear with the state of the sports world (particularly the NBA) today. Instead of boycotting games or practices, these multi-million dollar athletes should follow my late father’s advice by playing and donating one day’s salary to rebuilding every MINORITY (please, I don’t expect miracles) business which has been wrongfully, immorally, and illegally burnt down or destroyed since the death of George Floyd in May. Looks like a WIN, WIN, WIN to me. Besides, they could definitely use a tax write-off next year if we vote to change presidents in November.

Jay Knapp



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