Here We Go Again

Editor, News-Register

The Wheeling Park High School Coaches Association just recently endorsed the Democratic candidate for the Ohio County Commission. The candidate and coaches for posed for a picture on school property, specifically in the gym. Really? Haven’t we been down this road before?

Why is the WPHS coaches association endorsing a partisan political candidate? Why are OCS employees using school property to take campaign photos with a partisan political candidate? So Park coaches are officially an arm of the Ohio County Democratic Party? So rather than the usual politics involved with high school sports, we now know Park sports involves actual politics. Do our kids need to swear allegiance to the Democratic Party for playing time?

What will be the innocent excuse this time? Did a football player help McCormick park his car at the school? How many times is the administration going to let its employees get away with using school property for partisan political campaign opportunities before some action is taken? This is now at least the third time in the last two years. Is the response from the superintendent of schools once again going to be shame on us for asking these questions?

As a side note, there was no mask wearing in the non-socially distanced photo. Why is someone with absolutely no connection to the school violating COVID protocols by being on school property? Again, do as we say not as we do. The NCAA has a phrase for this — lack of institutional control.

David Delk



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