Zone Change Opposed

Editor, News-Register:

I am writing to voice several concerns regarding the requested zone change that would allow medical offices to be built on Washington Avenue. Although I no longer live in Wheeling, I grew up on Washington Avenue and my parents still live there, so I am personally invested in the well-being of the neighborhood and the city as a whole. Here are my concerns about the rezoning and proposed construction of medical offices:

1. The possibility of added traffic entering and exiting Washington Avenue at the proposed building site seems dangerous and inadvisable. The medical offices would be located at the top of the curved hill on Washington Avenue, next to the entrance to West Washington Avenue and across from Frances Avenue. When driving in and out of that location, visibility would be limited not just by the incline but also by the bend in the road. The street directly across from the proposed site — Frances Avenue — only allows right turns onto Washington Avenue for this exact reason: It’s too dangerous at that juncture to drive across oncoming traffic to turn. Tragically, traffic accidents have plagued Washington Avenue recently, and it would be careless to increase their likelihood unnecessarily.

2. Washington Avenue is a residential zone and should stay so. There are dozens of properly zoned lots for medical offices available in the city of Wheeling. The city government has worked hard to clean up and attract business to downtown Wheeling. Why not encourage such offices to locate there, where no rezoning is needed? There is no lack of space, and new offices would only help the cause of revitalizing this part of the city that deserves and needs it.

Marybeth Diss

Brooklyn, New York


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