May the Best Man Win

Editor, News-Register:

On Nov. 3, the most important election in the history of our country will take place and we, the people of the United States of America, as citizens, will cast our votes for either four more years of Mr. Trump — love him or hate him for his tweets — or look at the fact that through his party, he has tried to walk the talk. He is not a politician, nor does he talk or think like one, but his goal is to restore our country as much as he can and still deal with the new world order.

The Senate and House are pretty well buried in the swamp, and for the most part of four years, nothing really has gotten done except obstruction, Russian collusion and a push for our president’s impeachment, even prior to his swearing in as president. The fact of the matter is that the people who are representing the people of this country have forgotten their first obligation, which is to do the bidding of the people always, in the best interests of the country, which they have failed miserably to do. In no way have they worked with one another in a bipartisan manner.

In the first presidential debate/brawl, we saw how ugly and divisive it could get. Words of insult thrown out by both former vice president Joe Biden and the president, and the next day, the president was the one cast as not being presidential — and yet it was Joe Biden who called the president of the free world a clown, a liar, a murderer, more or less, because of the pandemic, a jerk and probably other things that were not mentioned in the debate. I wonder how far Mr. Biden would have gotten in China, North Korea, Russia or some of the rogue states, saying these kinds of things about their leaders.

A lot of the young people embrace this idea of free stuff and somehow or another, the idea that maybe we’ll get along in the big picture of socialism. Maybe they need to ask the people of China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and I’m sure there are others, if it’s a good thing having Big Brother control every aspect of their lives and the only people benefiting will be the people at the top of the food chain.

If you remember, it was during the last presidential debates that Hillary Clinton said there were going to be a lot of unhappy coal miners. Have we become so forgetful about her remarks and how this would have affected not only the miners but also the power plants, who in this state have cleaned up the skies even more by the use of technology which has dramatically cut CO2 output into the atmosphere by over 95%? Green stuff is great if you have the infrastructure already in place, but you can’t over-regulate the country out ob business. You have to pay for this stuff. It doesn’t grow on trees.

Recently, I read two books by George Orwell which, by the way, ought to be read by every high school and college student. The first was “1984,” which was almost prophetical in that it was written over 70 years ago. It dealt with life in totalitarianism, the life of the “proles,” or working-class people, and the life lived by the party elites at the top of the good chain and how every thought, act and deed was constantly being surveilled by Big Brother. The second was “Animal Farm,” which was a satire on communism, in which the animals in the farm drove out their humans so they could create a utopia. Guess what? In the end, the pigs walked on their hind legs, upright, and “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal.”

We each have one vote. Get out and vote and may the best man win, based on the record and not the party affiliation or the tweets made by a man who is not a politician. I believe that most people will see the seriousness of the consequences of this election in the big picture, and I would like to see our republic last 1,000 years, like Rome.

God bless this great country.

Larry Ritz

New Martinsville


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