Racism Charge Phony

Editor, News-Register:

Is professor Charles Rogerson using state paid for English instruction to indoctrinate impressionable students with his radical political persuasions? In public, he exceeds the president in lack of intellectual discourse.

He drags preconceived racism into a political contest that should be debated on opponents’ achievements and intentions. I must weigh President Trump’s terrible temper and other blemishes against what he has accomplished despite a constant barrage of opposition.

He has reduced the difference between low- and high-income workers, vastly increased the employment rate for blacks, and in three years reduced the unemployment level to lower than in the last 50 years. He has looked after American interests abroad better than any president in 60 years and is now withdrawing U.S. troops from an expensive, inconclusive war in the Middle East, where our efforts are not appreciated, just as his political opposition wants. He has stolen the most important points of the opposition platform and now, all they have left is the phony charge of racism.

Joe Parriott



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