Suffering Consequences

Editor, News-Register:

I must admit that I, as are a great many, am extremely incredulous as to how any reasonable and rational thinking individual would continue to lavish himself with praise and self-adoration as does President Donald J. Trump, as a result of his questionable efforts to combat the current horrific pandemic crisis. In actuality, our great nation, which has 4% of the world’s population, has over 22% of the world’s deaths as a result of COVID-19. It is essentially as a result of his lack of proactive leadership and minimalization of the pandemic that has been chiefly responsible for the United States being the unquestioned epicenter of this tragic worldwide event.

In addition, and most distressingly, it is now quite obvious that President Trump was well aware, well in advance of, the ultimate potential destruction the coronavirus epidemic would have on the United States if necessary precautions and a successful proactive approach were not aggressively and in a timely manner pursued. Most unfortunately, they were not pursued nor implemented.

In recorded interviews for the recently released best-selling book “Rage,” by the iconic investigative journalist Bob Woodward, President Trump frankly referred to the current COVID-19 pandemic as “deadly stuff,” “a killer,” and “more deadly than the flu.” However, when communicating with the public, he dramatically minimalized the pandemic by stating that the coronavirus was “no worse than seasonal flue” and that it would somehow “miraculously disappear.”

Recently, the president, when confronted as to the rationale behind his less than fact-based rhetoric, stated that such was done because he “did not want to create a panic” and as a result, “always wanted to play it down.”

President Trump has glowingly compared his “leadership” during the current health crisis, incredibly, to that of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during the Nazi blitz of England during World War II. For the record, Mr. Churchill did by no means attempt to minimalize or downplay the challenges to come, but was optimistic and extremely candid in alerting the populace as to how best to prepare for what was to come, and how to best emerge, ultimately, victorious.

Obviously, President Trump has a rather perverse perception of history.

President Trump has defended his lack of candor regarding the current pandemic crisis, stating that he “did not want to incite panic,” he in actuality was inducing panic. That seems to be a staple of the president’s forte. Recall his issuing of dire and inappropriate predictions describing the “caravans of immigrants coming to our country, bringing crime, drugs and destruction,” while he was predicting American carnage as a result. There are many other such examples.

Sadly, it has been reported that if President Trump had taken a more proactive approach to the pandemic and heeded the dire warnings of highly respected health experts, as literally all the leaders of other nations have done, over 80% of our nation’s tragic deaths from COVID-19 would have been avoided. Now we, as a nation, must suffer the consequences.

Richard Hord


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