Swank for Congress?

Editor, News-Register:

Isn’t it truly amazing the tear down and reconstruction of our I70 bridge system in West Virginia? I have watched in speechless awe as the team of Swank workers have removed the old system and built up the new.

The Fulton area was the most interesting (OK, maybe I am a bit too bored, thanks to the coronavirus.) The support beams were removed, along with the old bridge — steel beams and all. The new support began before the deck above was demolished. Did you see the new steel beams appear? Four at a time were staged and moved into place, a series of four times. The scheduling and planning that this organization exhibits is very commendable.

I am going to assume that the project is on schedule. After all, they were working on Saturdays and holidays. Somebody was sandblasting in the tent enclosures when temperatures neared 100 degrees. It seemed to me that pouring the concrete was falling behind, and then (what appeared overnight) much of the span over the Ohio River appeared as well as many other areas of the project. Work must go on.

In the beginning we had the changing traffic patterns. I still ponder how someone crossed over into the east-bound side of the tunnel. You have to really try to do that.) But anyway, I found myself mistakenly going to Wheeling Hospital only once, and that was my fault. I have little doubt that the switch to the other side will go very well.

Which brings me to my purpose. I want to nominate Swank Construction for Congress. How pathetic have our Senate and House become lately? They go home before their important work is completed!! They have been frozen in place for much of 2020, throwing insults at each other throughout the halls of Congress. I bet Swank doesn’t do that at the end of the day. Swank must have an accountant who really knows how to keep things within budget. They have a scheduler and planning that keeps the project going, regardless. They have a project manager that oversees the entire effort, they have quality technicians keeping things right the first time.

I bet they don’t have many (if any) employees age 70 and above working, either!!! They have retired into the sunset. This is making sense, isn’t it? I hope you are getting the message here. Congress owes us a great deal more than they have delivered. Now they are stuck in place over the Supreme Court nomination. If nothing else, pass an amendment addressing timelines for nominations during an election year. Take the double standards out of play.

Oh, one last thing. I bet Swank could build us a border wall … and maybe even get Mexico to pay for it. Only teasing.

Chris Muroski



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