Wilson for Governor

In the gubernatorial election Nov. 3, you have a choice. If you are satisfied with the present ​failed​ state policy for COVID-19 that has resulted in business closings, high unemployment, children and adolescents denied the benefits of in-person education, and the restriction of our freedoms while there continue to be 150 or more new COVID-19 cases daily, vote for Justice.

If you would like a governor with extensive U.S. Army emergency operations planning experience whose focus would be to protect those who are vulnerable to COVID-19 while letting the rest of us get on with our lives, you should vote for S. Marshall Wilson, a current House of Delegates member and an independent candidate for governor. Wilson believes the government’s job is to uphold and defend our individual natural rights. He does not believe the governor should usurp these rights.

Notably, 100% of the state does not need its liberties restricted and lives put on hold to protect the small percentage who are at increased risk from COVID-19 because they are older or have multiple underlying illnesses. Wilson believes that if there are laws needed in West Virginia, it is the Legislature’s role to make them, not the governor’s. Because of his role with the Army, Wilson understands emergencies. There is not a true state emergency now, nor was there one in March when Justice issued his stay-at-home order. An emergency is when there is imminent or ongoing destruction of critical key infrastructure, massive loss of human life, or massive destruction of private property.

S. Marshall Wilson will be a governor who prioritizes strategic planning and considers the impact of his decisions on all West Virginians. If that is the type of governor you would like, I urge you to ​write in​ his name.

Joel Sizemore



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