Bransfield Sinned

Editor, News-Register:

I’m not a Catholic but my son-in-law is. My daughter is not, but they chose to raise their three children as Catholics.

They were appalled, as I was, when I told them what has been in the paper about Michael Bransfield.

Never once have I read that he ever asked God and the people he hurt for forgiveness.

If a regular citizen embezzled money or sexually abused someone, they’d go to prison. Is it because he was a bishop and he’s protected by the Vatican?

I know in my heart that if anyone — and I do mean anyone — ever sexually abused someone in my family, I’d fight tooth and nail and spend every penny I had to make sure they’d go to prison.

I guess a lot of people will read this and say it’s none of my business because I’m not Catholic, but I feel it’s a free country and it’s anyone’s right to address this bad situation. This man has sinned and I think in God’s eye it was wrong.

Pam Powell



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