‘Pay to Play’ at Work?

Editor, News-Register:

As reported recently in “The New York Times,” President Donald J. Trump, who unlike all those who have preceded him in the White House, has an unquestioned conflict of interest and has unapologetically, absolutely, refused to divest himself of his vast business holdings. He has placed his eldest children in charge of the day-to-day oversight of his business ventures, while in service to the public as chief executive of our great nation. It has been revealed that during his first two years in office alone, over 200 entities, both foreign and domestic, have “profited in some way” as a result of their involvement with Trump businesses. In addition to the aforementioned, no fewer than 60 said entities have pumped “no less than $12 million into the Trump organization.”

It appears that our president is a strong proponent of the “pay for play” philosophy while in elective office.

In addition, and also most troubling, the president reportedly owes no less than $421 million and quite possibly in excess of $1 billion that must be paid off within the next five years, and it is unknown as to whom these creditors may be.

This may help explain the president’s unprecedented, abject failure to release his income tax forms. For public scrutiny, all such others have willfully done.

It has also been stated that had Mr. Trump undergone a standard financial review prior to his assuming the U.S. presidency, he most assuredly would have been denied security clearance.

How ironic that President Trump relentlessly refers to many of his political adversaries, such as Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, as well as countless others, as “criminals” — with absolutely no corroborating evidence, when such evidence is in excess as it pertains to him.

President Trump, who obviously fears that he has lost the election, has oftentimes stated that the presidential election is somehow, and without a shred of evidence, “rigged” by opponents. It is a claim he also made in 2016, again completely unsubstantiated, until he was declared the victor and became our 45th president. Such a claim may be made against him and his surrogates for their concerted attempts to discourage citizens from voting, by making efforts to suppress the vote, and by their failure to attempt to prevent Russian involvement as they had done in 2016 on behalf of then-candidate Trump.

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry


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