Poisoning Minds

Editor, News-Register:

The Sunday News-Register on Oct. 4 printed a commentary by Charles Rogerson, an English professor at West Virginia Northern Community College.

Rogerson refers to President Trump as “the champion of white supremacy,” further stating that Trump plays golf, a mostly “white” sport. So, that must mean that black people who prefer basketball over golf are racist, right?

Rogerson then insults Ben Carson, calling him a “token black” in Trump’s Cabinet, and states that Tiger Woods is merely “tolerated” in the world of golf.

Trump supporters are “rednecks” and mostly white and stupid, according to Rogerson.

Rogerson also states that the “whites” built ships, conquered the world, started slavery, killed off the Native Americans in the name of winning the West, then, when whites ran out of “redskins” (his word), they invaded Vietnam to replace Indians with “gooks” (again, his word).

Rogerson then takes aim at Sept. 11, 2001, stating that whites killed thousands of innocent Muslims for “revenge.” He seems to forget that nearly 3,000 Americans died that day at the hands of Islamic extremists, drawing first blood that started a war. He even refers to Muslims as “more Injun targets” for the whites.

I served my country during Vietnam, in the United States Navy on the aircraft carrier USS Independence. I took my oath on June 16, 1966 and was honorably discharged on June 16, 1972. What about Rogerson? Did he serve?

Even though Rogerson is white, he is obviously prejudiced against the white race, making him a racist. Furthermore, he stated he “stays as tan as possible” and he’s taking dancing lessons so he can “boogie.” What a racist thing to say!

His letter begs the question: How and why do we allow Rogerson to have a teaching position at Northern Community College, giving him the opportunity to poison the minds of our children with his hate and racist views?

Vic Butler



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