Say No to Project

Editor, News-Register:

Regarding the Washington Avenue Medical Complex proposal:

This project manifests abuse of ZONING POWER.

It follows in Bransfield’s footsteps, who initiated destroying a valuable part of our community — the Washington Avenue neighborhood.

He demolished historic Washington Avenue homes and habitats.

Decisions of non-elected unobjective officials on the Planning and Zoning Commissions need to stop!

The public deserves the right to VOTE for members of these municipal committees!

A neighbor was on the zoning board and was abruptly let go from disagreeing with the Bransfield plans.

Unfortunately the Bishop’s legacy continues.

Fairness and objectivity are just, when impacting residents’ homesteads.

1. Look at the Woodsdale project that was rejected.

2. Look at the nearly VACANT Bransfield-backed Washington Avenue apartment complex. A FIASCO.

3. Look at the church to bank proposal on National Road project that was rejected.

4. Look at this Washington Avenue project. This needs addressed as a REJECTED PROJECT AS WELL.

I have lived in my home for 31 years. This project is at the side of my home.

I have worked so extremely hard to live, retire and invest in my residential area and Wheeling, not next to a parking lot and medical complex by the side of my home!!!

This is out of place for the entire neighborhood.

Drive by and see my home, my hard work investing in my home and Wheeling for my retirement.

Quality of life is impaired with a public parking lot/medical complex.

Public safety is another issue at a dangerous part of Washington Avenue, so much that a turn and one-day roads were changed for safety. Children cross the road and adults.

Apparently the Zoning Commission has NO regard for our safety here.

West Washington and Washington Avenues will be a traffic hub.

Please ask:

Would you want a commercial unit next to your house and in your neighborhood bringing unwanted traffic?

Only one person would benefit from Chris Duplaga’s medical complex. That would be the property’s owner. Why has Chris Duplaga already started working on the land, with major equipment on the site?

It appears the Zoning/ Planning Commissions rarely deny requests.

Deny this project for these reasons. Please do not repeat past mistakes.

Say NO to this project.

Many alternative options are available in appropriate areas of Wheeling.

Sarita Dofka



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