What Pro-Lifers Do

Editor, News-Register:

The pro- life movement involves serving families and the community in a variety of ways. First and foremost, the pro-life movement is active in protecting all life, no matter the size, the age, or the degree of dependency. This letter will deal specifically with the protection of the unborn and the help available to women dealing with unwanted and unplanned pregnancies.

Through various local agencies, these women are offered encouragement and empowerment to continue in their pregnancy — coming aside one of these such mothers and helping her grow through her experience, and equipping her financially, mentally, and emotionally to either raise her child or give her child up for adoption. Many pro-life families foster and adopt children. There are also many pro-life women who mentor moms, and men who mentor dads when a woman or couple choose life.

Sidewalk counseling is the goal of some pro-life organizations. It involves being available to those who are contemplating abortion. Sidewalk counselors will stand outside an abortion clinic. They are available to give information about alternatives to abortion, and offer help. A listening ear over a cup of coffee and continued support and encouragement are extended to heartbroken women dealing with a crisis pregnancy. Many lives have been saved through these efforts.

Another life saving program that is offered by pro-life advocates is free ultrasounds to women considering abortion. In some cases, mobile units containing ultrasound equipment are parked near abortion clinics as a means of educating a woman about the developing baby in her womb, and giving her the opportunity to see and hear her baby’s heartbeat. Education is the key to the decline in abortion.

Pro-life advocates are also involved in educating the public about abortion. The legislators who insist on a women’s right to abortion are the same legislators who vote against a woman’s right to be informed about the development of her unborn baby and the details of the abortion. We share that information with the public in a number of ways, such as pro-life dinners, marches, and by displaying information at public events.

Pro-life organizations provide programs to help bring emotional healing, forgiveness, and peace to those women who are suffering from the grief of abortion. We also offer help to fathers of babies who have been aborted, even those who may have coerced the mother to abort. We have learned that they often also suffer grief and regret.

The pro-life movement is comprised of individuals who value and defend life in a number of ways. Would you please pray for the protection of the unborn? Please pray that women who are dealing with an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy would find hope, help, compassion, and courage through pro-life organizations, churches, family, and friends.

Please pray that these women would also have a passionate protective love for their unborn babies.

Judi Meyer



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