Who Will Prevail?

Editor, News-Register:

The conflict rages over what will be the very nature of the election process whereby leadership — executive, legislative, and judicial — is determined in this Republic under God. Or is it to be a secular democracy that was utterly rejected by the founders of this nation? Who will prevail?

Will it be the inspiration of the French Revolution that exercised the violence that steals, kills, and destroys resulting in widespread misery unto death or the American Revolution that honors God’s sovereignty securing the individual’s inalienable rights of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” that entails the cultivation of virtue-particularly courage and honesty-and the accruing and securing of both physical and intellectual property?

Will the “Rule of Law” be affirmed or will the arbitrary dictates of the totalitarian mind be attached like a giant leech sucking the very life out of this nation as it has in so many nations down through history?

The French Revolution incubated, fascism, communism, and secular progressivism that has wreaked havoc throughout the world perpetrating horrific misery, slavery, and death.

On Golgotha, God’s “Paradigm of Freedom” was secured by the Supreme Judge of the world — Jesus Christ, appealed to by the founders in the Declaration of Independence and in Benjamin Franklin’s prayer for God’s wisdom in the Constitutional Convention.-I Cor 1:18-31, Js 3:13-18 Jesus Christ’s holy, resolute, atoning love remains final.-Jn 5:17-27, 8:28-29, 17:19, 26.

The Scriptures in Mt 21:23-44 provide vital perspective on our current travail. Will irrationality and hatred or reason, faith, hope, and love prevail? The pending decision we resolutely await with the Lord is whether or not at least one of the three options to reverse this heinous crime will be exercised prayerfully proclaiming, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven!”-Mt 6:10 complemented by Ps 2:1-12

William M. Yavelak



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