Will It Be ‘Trump Flu?’

Editor, News-Register:

With the pending appointment of John Kerry for “climate czar,” a thought came to me. How long will it take the liberals to refer to the China, COVID-19, or whatever name one prefers to start calling the present virus “THE TRUMP FLU?”

For those of you who remember, John Kerry loved calling the Vietnam War “Nixon’s War,” as if Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara didn’t exist. I’m guessing the more the virus lingers with us, the more my prediction will come true. I’m almost sure it will be called the TRUMP FLU during the 2022 elections, when both parties count on uneducated and short memory voters to win.

Just as the old communist proverb of, “It’s not who gets to vote, but who counts them.” is true, in journalism, “it’s not what happens, but who gets to write it,” when it comes to history.

Jay Knapp



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