Councilman Criticized

Editor, News-Register:

Jerry Sklavounakis Ward 4 Wheeling City Council member, voted for the medical complex. He states, “… that the property owner, it’s for his son.” Jerry what about the entire community of this area? Since when does a doctor need daddy to foot his practice?

The lot was used for storage and residence for professors and coaches.

You stood up fighting in opposition for your Woodsdale project, that would have benefited, “economic growth.”

How do you perceive medical offices are promoting economic growth, when you had a huge complex denied in Woodsdale? There is irony.

You simply do not care about the rest of Ward 4 residents. It personally does not involve you. You will not be displaced. Why would you care about Washington Avenue?

Residents need to consider the city council with the next election. Congratulations, Jerry, you now follow in Bransfield’s footsteps. Your neighborhood project declined. Why should you care about anybody else’s homes? You obviously care about yourself.

Sarita Dofka



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