GREY2K Responds

Editor, News-Register:

I was disappointed to see Senator Ryan Weld misrepresent the work of my nonprofit organization when it comes to greyhound adoption.

As a matter of fact, we have provided more than $250,000 to greyhound adoption groups since 2018, and are likely the largest funder of greyhound adoption worldwide. We have directly led efforts to re-home hundreds of greyhounds after tracks closed, including in Arizona in 2016 and in Macau in 2018.

We are prepared to serve the same role in West Virginia when greyhound racing ends, and would be overjoyed to help find homes for all of the dogs now racing. The only barrier we would have is the industry itself, which in recent years has politicized greyhound adoption, ostracized rescue groups that speak out about animal welfare problems, and denied access to the dogs.

It’s unfortunate that Senator Weld would attempt to blame us for this industry blacklist. We agree wholeheartedly with him that greyhounds make wonderful companions, and would note that adoption should be an area where all sides set aside their differences and work together.

Christine A. Dorchak

President, GREY2K USA


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