Sly Is Not Falling

Editor, News-Register:

Via TV, I watched electors from the Electoral College cast votes in each state. It is heartening to me that the electors stood their ground and are performing their duties as they are sworn to do. Many electors had to have police escorts and vote in undisclosed buildings and rooms for fear of violence against them. This is more than worrisome; it is dangerous to our democratic processes. They have received death threats which their families have had to endure, all in a season of “Goodwill toward Men.”

It appears that the current president is practicing what Webster’s Dictionary defines as “sedition: The stirring up of discontent, resistance, or rebellion against the government in power 2) (archaic) revolt or rebellion.” Although Joseph Biden won the election fairly with no evidence of fraud whatsoever, the president continues to shout fraud just as the character, Chicken Little, kept shouting “the sky is falling” without any evidence that it was. The president is still trying to disenfranchise millions of voters with his many supporters using countless acts of intimidation against voters.

Our justice system across the country and the Electoral College has acted as a wall against possible sedition by this president who has tried to subvert the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution through his actions and those of his loyal minions who actually believe his lies. I am eternally grateful for their service in the face of personal vendettas against them, especially during such a tragic pandemic killing so many Americans, including one of my own relatives.

It has been reported that France calls the current president “saboteur.” France and other European countries view his actions as assaults against not only U.S. democracy but also against those democracies of fledgling countries who may try to model his behavior in pursuit of more power. As an example, Hitler sought first to destroy Germany’s democracy through division and mistrust. Once he accomplished that, history has chronicled the tragic consequences that occurred.

The world is watching with deep concerns what they consider an attempt by the current president to attempt a coup. This is something that has basis in reality for other parts of the world who have experienced coups or attempted ones first hand. Millions of Germans kept silent or even cheered Hitler as he made baseless claims against Jews and other Germans who tried to stop him. Europeans have stated they are also grateful for our justice system.

This is more than a cautionary tale. It is a grim reality that if Americans are silent or complicit in helping a person’s greed for power enable abuse of that power, it is detrimental to all U.S. citizens and U.S. democracy. It is also detrimental to other democracies who look to America as a role model for a civilized society that abides by the rule of law and its constitution, not by a person in search of power that he can abuse. The sky is not falling; our democracy is safe, for now.

Patricia Butler



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