Thanks for Wearing Masks

Editor, News-Register:

Thank you for continuing to wear your mask during this horrible plague of the coronavirus. By doing so, you are helping a number of senior citizens and those with special medical conditions to remain healthy and to continue to live on this earth.

Perhaps, like me, you are growing tired of wearing a mask every time you enter a store, church or just around others. I find them uncomfortable. They prevent me from interacting with others in the way I want and I find myself constantly having to adjust them.

However, from my research, I discovered that approximately 80% of people who die from the coronavirus are over the age of 65 — and that number increases to 92% if you include senior citizens over the age of 55.

Don’t get me wrong. It is tragic whenever anyone loses his or her life from this horrible plague, but it seems that our bodies have more difficulty healing from it if we acquire it. Some of us seniors ave still working — but many of us are retired. Although we have failed at times, we have tried to make the Upper Ohio Valley a better place to live for future generations. Although we are older now, we still love our children, grandchildren and community. We hope to spend some more time with them until we are called to our heavenly home.

Although I believe all life comes from God, by wearing a mask, social distancing, etc., you are helping us seniors (and others) to remain healthy and allowing us to spend some additional time on this earth with those we love.

Sometimes we can have a tremendous impact on the lives of others, without even realizing it. On behalf of other seniors or younger individuals with medical conditions, and our loved ones, thanks for continuing to wear a mask and helping to keep us healthy. Like you, I pray that God soon allows us to receive the vaccine that recently has been discovered, so that we will be protected from the coronavirus and don’t have to wear masks any longer.

George Smoulder



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