Trump Did His Job

Editor, News-Register:

I am one of the 72,351,000 chumps or deplorables who voted for Donald Trump, and why shouldn’t I? He has done his job as president. He did what he said and he said what he did.

Now there are questions dealing with voter fraud, and the other side wants him to concede for the good of the country. If the software is a corrupt system that can change the votes within the system, they should be manually counted to preserve the integrity of the election. He has a right to file these cases to make sure the count is correct and dead people aren’t voting, or people who no longer live in the state. That’s a pretty good exchange for four years of “Russian collusion and election interference” that didn’t exist, and a $42 million tab for this alone, not to mention his impeachment hearing and nothin but obstruction going on. This is why we vote these people into office, to accomplish absolutely nothing for four years?

The Russian and Chinese governments have got to be laughing themselves simple when they think that they won’t ever have to fire a shot. We’ll destroy ourselves with ignorance, from within, just like Khrushchev said 60 years ago.

It’s hard for me to imagine that over 74 million people voted against our president, and for what? They don’t like his Tweets, he’s unpresidential, rich, cocky, arrogant, and too much like the people he represents. Not a politician, but he has been definitely for the American people, not beholden to the swamp, media or the rich elites, who just want you and me ­– the working people (proles) — to shut up and do what you’re told. Sounds a little bit socialistic. My first thought was that there are too many people who read The Enquirer, watch studio wrestling or, in my day, watched too much roller derby. Folks, that is what is called entertainment. Sometimes things aren’t as they appear. When I was a young man, I often heard the expression, “Don’t believe any of what you hear and only half of what you see.”

One of the things that I thought was amazing was how or why would you vote for a man or woman who was so out of touch with the American people. Did anybody who voted for him watch the debates and campaigns and maybe think that just maybe he might have some problems and would Nancy Pelosi be talking about invoking the 25th Amendment? It wasn’t about Donald Trump. Nobody goes out and buys a car, golf clubs, a house — you get the point — without checking it out, but that’s exactly what 74 million-plus people did. God save America.

If Mr. Trump is voted out of office, it won’t be because he didn’t do his job or keep his promises. He has been protecting our jobs and bringing back our jobs that were given away in free trade, that put our workers out of their jobs in the name of the new world order, deregulating things that were killing our jobs, lowering taxes to incentivize bringing jobs back to be made in the USA, increasing spending for national defense and the military, protecting unborn babies who are being slaughtered in abortion clinics in the name of pro-abortion, supporting our police (the majority of whom only desire to do their jobs in a manner that protects everyone of every color), redoing NAFTA, and making China a better trading partner and getting our country out of unnecessary conflicts.

I just hope in the end, they get all this straightened out for this great country. We don’t want our government to turn into a banana republic in which our representatives forget their jobs — and that is to represent the people.

Larry Ritz

New Martinsville


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