Trump Should Concede

Editor, News-Register:

As a result of the November presidential election in which former vice-president Joe Biden garnered 306 electoral votes, defeating convincingly the 232 electoral votes of current President Donald Trump, Mr. Biden has earned the title of president-elect. Coincidentally, this year’s result is identical to the Electoral College victory of then-candidate Trump over Hillary Clinton, which Trump often referred to as his “landslide victory” in 2016, making him the 45th president of our great nation, even though Mr. Trump lost the popular vote to Mrs. Clinton by more than 3 million votes.

However, President Trump inexplicably but not at all surprisingly for him, has decided not to concede and thus, to respect the results of an abundantly fair and democratic election and acquiesce to the will of the American people.

Mr. Biden earned the largest percentage margin of victory in a U.S. presidential election since 1932, when Democrat Franklin Roosevelt defeated Republican incumbent Herbert Hoover. The percentage of those who voted for Mr. Biden was 50.8 and for Mr. Trump, 47.4%, with Mr. Biden securing approximately 7 million more votes than President Trump.

In spite of all this, President Trump claims that the election was “fraudulent and rigged” against him, a claim that he also made in 2016 until he won, with absolutely no evidence to support such an outrageous, incendiary and unfounded claim, as evidenced by the multitude of lawsuits he has filed to contest the legitimacy of the election. His lawsuits largely have been summarily dismissed due to a total lack of verifiable proof to substantiate such claims.

In addition, it has been reported that the Federal Election Commission, which oversees the election process, has stated that the 2020 presidential election was perhaps the “most honest and verifiable presidential election in U.S. history.”

In spite of all of this, President Trump continues to refuse to graciously concede the election, as all his predecessors who had been defeated had done for the good of the country. His claims of election fraud, in addition to being unproven and baseless, are simply nonsensical, as in states where he contests the results it was commonplace that Republicans in national, state and local races fared quite well, and if a concocted act of election fraud had been committed, why were other critical races not affected?

In the meantime, President Trump should continue to do the work on behalf of the American people, and focus on the COVID-19 pandemic and other challenges currently facing our nation, which he has mostly ignored of late, with well over 14 million Americans having contracted the deadly disease and with over 277,000 Americans now deceased as a result of the coronavirus. The president, sadly, continues to ignore and/or downplay the pandemic, while focusing on self-aggrandizement, wasting considerable time attacking political adversaries via Twitter, and his golf playing, while attempting to gratify his massive ego as the nation’s suffering continues.

We as a nation certainly deserve better than that.

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry


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