Fight for Your Kid’s Education

Editor, News-Register:

If you are tired in Ohio County of your kids spending hours at home staring uselessly into a computer screen under the latest version of “remote learning” from Ohio County Schools, you parents need to start speaking up. Staying silent is no longer an option.

Think about this — the health experts in charge of this pandemic in West Virginia have said it is perfectly safe to return to school five days per week in at least kindergarten through eighth grade. The experts have specifically said this backed by a multitude of scientific evidence.

However, local Ohio County education officials with zero expertise in public health have determined otherwise because of fear, vitriol, and false information coming from an extremely vocal minority of teachers and parents.

As a result, Ohio County Schools backed off its plan to return to school five days per week. Our vacillating superintendent no longer is putting education first. She is merely following the path of least resistance.

You parents staying quiet better start making these government officials as uncomfortable as the other side obviously has. School officials have made it clear that science is not as important as assuaging the pitchfork crowd.

We all need to see that Ohio County Schools is easily influenced by those who scream the loudest. It’s not easy to step out of your comfort zone, but you better do it for the sake of your kids.

Do you like how your child’s public education is going in Ohio County? Then I hope you like that your child is being delivered a substandard education, may be suffering from depression and isolation, and likely is disengaging from the educational process. Even if your kid appears to be getting good grades, know that the A’s on his or her report card are a pale reflection of the A’s earned in normal times due to the lack of rigor and accountability with remote learning.

Your kid deserves a good education, too. Do not be afraid to fight for it.

David Delk



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