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Don’t Shift Taxes to the Poor

Editor, News-Register:

After hearing that Governor Justice and many of the legislators in Charleston want to eliminate personal income taxes, I am very upset.

I do not mind paying my taxes when the money is used for us — like good roads, schools, parks etc. According to the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy West Virginia, our state income tax is progressive, meaning it is setup so that higher-income residents pay a larger share than low- and middle-income residents.

It is much fairer than the federal setup.

How do the Governor and legislators proposed to pay for all we need?

They want to raise sales taxes, property taxes, and other ways that low- and middle-income people will pay. I have been to two states that do not have state income taxes, Nevada and Florida, but they have a very large number of tourists. Oh, and another proposal is to use Federal Funds which have been appropriated for use to help people in the COVID-19 pandemic. Isn’t that a misuse of federal monies?

WVCBP executive director Kelly Allen says, “The way we improve opportunity for all West Virginians is by investing in families and communities–not slashing the public programs that benefit all.”

Everyone needs to contact the Governor and the state Senators and Delegates to let them know how you feel about this. If they get their way, you will spend more on car repairs as well as taxes on those new tires from the bad roads. Families who want a good education for their kids will move to other states. Oh, and if you think it is difficult now finding teachers, it will be even more difficult. Who will plow the snow, put out the fires, manage the state parks, etc.?

West Virginia will truly be a third world country.

Margaret Meeker

Williamstown, W.Va.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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