Opposed to WV Senate Bill 246

Editor, News-Register:

As a current student at West Virginia University, I am writing to express concern and opposition to the proposed West Virginia Senate Bill 246, which would allow licensed staff, employees, and students at public universities to carry concealed weapons on college campuses and allow storage of these deadly weapons within campus residential halls.

College campuses have a historic reputation of rape culture and high rates of sexual assault.

Allowing concealed carry of deadly weapons and storage of these weapons on campus poses a prominent threat to the students who reside on these campuses that allows for an increased opportunity for sexual violence against students that can be more deadly and traumatizing than before.

Many individuals will argue that allowing concealed carry on campuses will discourage potential rapist because of the chance the target has a deadly weapon.

This argument is unacceptable because this bill also allows the opportunity for rapist themselves to carry deadly weapons and heighten their power over their victims.

Rape has no place on our campuses, guns have no place either.

Increased policing, security, campus lighting, woman’s resources, and rape culture education can all be effective in reducing rape without the potential dangers and threats that guns possess.

LeeAnn Williams



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