Time To Redesign W.Va. Flag

Editor, News-Register:

There is nothing offensive about West Virginia’s flag, other than how boring it is. Our state has a proud and rich history that should be celebrated in a unique flag we can all be proud of. The current design is dated and does not adequately express our individuality. There are states like New Mexico, Maryland, and even Ohio that have unique flags that one can immediately identify. Our flag is the state seal on a white and blue background.

Our flag breaks what vexillologists, those who study and design flags, call the primary rules of good flag design. It cannot be drawn well from memory, it has more than three colors, and there is a seal. Just like most other state flags.

If you threw our flag into a pile with most other states, the layman would not be able to tell which one belongs to us. Look at the success of Mississippi’s new flag. The state brought together a commission that decided amongst different designs and ultimately the state’s populous voted on it. We should do the same. Our beautiful Mountain State, born during the Civil War, should have a symbol that screams West Virginia, one that we can feel immense pride in.

David Crawley, Austin Davis,

Kyle Surber, Brandon Wilkerson



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