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Island Lions Club Serving Youth

Editor, News-Register:

Great things are happening and will continue to happen for the children and their families on Wheeling Island. On March 27th, many different individuals and organizations came together to bless them with an Easter Egg Hunt. Seeing kids smiling, laughing, and enjoying the beautiful day with their families and friends was the goal. It all started with the donation of Easter eggs and baskets from Walmart to the House of the Carpenter last spring. From there, the Wheeling Island Lions Club got involved, and then the Wheeling Island Community Association. Along came the Vineyard Church, and the Wheeling Police. Kohl’s donated books and stuffed animals that were given out to the kids. Madison PTO provided use of the Easter bunny costume. Thank you to all who came out and to those that donated to make this event possible.

It was amazing to see so many different organizations and individuals come together to support the kids on Wheeling Island. It was our first time doing this, and we did it during a pandemic with restrictions for gathering! We were blessed. Almost 100 kids came out with their families. However, there were some kids and families that did not know about the event. For that, we are truly sorry. All future events will be published through social media channels as well. All organizations agreed to continue to work together to provide future opportunities for kids from Wheeling Island to be able to enjoy.

Kathy Syphers

Wheeling Island Lions Club


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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