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Just Where Are the Mothers?

Editor, News-Register:

Daily we have witnessed the heart-wrenching accounts of unaccompanied children being herded by cartel members to our southern border. Their parents, convinced by the drug cartels that they would be taken care of on their journey and allowed to remain in the U.S., paid dearly in the hopes their children would find a better life in America. We now know that some were left behind when they could not keep up with the cartel caravans. We have seen images of girls, three and five years-old, dropped over the border wall to fend for themselves and recently a 10-year-old boy who was left alone when he fell asleep.

This week, the governor of Texas announced that the Texas Rangers were investigating reports that children have been sexually assaulted while being housed in the overcrowded holding pens that the administration is reluctant to allow press to view. As a parent and grandparent I am appalled and sickened how we as a country are not mounting a public effort to force our government to protect these children and solve the immigration problem.

The current border crisis is the direct result of actions and comments from the current administration, and it must be held accountable for it.

Personally, I cannot understand the thought process of the mothers of these unaccompanied children to send them on such a perilous journey — but I have not “walked in their shoes.”

I was blessed with a loving mother who raised 12 children and always had room in her home and heart for any child. She must be looking down from Heaven at these border children and shedding tears.

As Mother’s Day approaches I urge all mothers in the Ohio Valley to contact your federal representatives and urge them to pressure the administration to do more than provide lip-service to the immigration crisis and keep these youngsters in your prayers.

Harry C. Hamm Jr.



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