Waiting on Justice to be Served

Editor, News-Register:

This is such a hard letter to write but I cannot stand to wait any longer for justice to be done, as my husband Terry E. Long was killed on Dec. 1, 2019.

My adult children and I are suffering and wondering why nothing has been done to try to get the person that ran over Terry and left him to die in a parking lot in Barnesville, Ohio. They have a good idea who it was but nothing has been done about it.

Not a day goes by that someone does not ask us what is being done to find the person that ran over him. Folks around the Barnesville area loved Terry and we want to see justice done and so do Terry’s friends and other family members. Last night was the first night in all of this time that I was able to sleep all night. Do you know what it is like to lie awake and cry every night because your spouse is not with you any longer?

I have had so many health problems since Terry was killed and my kids are suffering, too. This has been a nightmare for us. I guess the powers-that-be are not concerned about finding the person that ran over Terry. He was not rich or did not have a lot of money so this must not have been important enough to keep on trying to find the person that did this horrible thing.

I am asking that justice be done for Terry. Our family needs closure and we will not be able to have closure till this person is caught and has been arrested for what he did. I have sent letters to the prosecutor’s office about things that I thought may help in making a case to find this person that did this but I have not heard back. This means so much to our family and I am asking that it not be forgotten because we surely cannot forget it.

Please do not give up on finding the guilty person.

Erleen Long



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