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Don’t Diminish Public Library

Editor, News-Register:

I was so very sorry and surprised to read that the local school board voted to reduce the allocation to the Ohio County Public Library. As a historian, I researched the situation, only to learn that this is the first time in 139 years that a school board has felt the need to go after library funding.

I believe our library is one of the jewels of local life. I often use the Wheeling Room staffed by well-known genealogist Diane Rhodes and am proud that out-of-town researchers often praise our setup and helpful spirit.

The fairly recent addition of the Wheeling archives and hiring of trained archivist Laura Carroll to preserve our local treasure is such an important initiative, which requires adequate resources. And of course Sean Duffy’s programs are such an enrichment to our valley.

The library has been an integral part of my education throughout my life. Any efforts to diminish its strength and a secure, stable and sufficient basis of funding can only be seen as short-sighted and detrimental to the overall strength of this tremendous Ohio County institution.

Margaret Brennan

Wheeling Historian


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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