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Make ‘Smart’ Choice on Library

Editor, News-Register:

To my friends on the Board of Education:

As you may know, Wheeling is one of the few cities of its size in the country that does not have a Carnegie Library. The citizens of Wheeling declined the offer of a Carnegie Library. The thinking of that time was, “We don’t need no dang library. We is plenty smart … as we is.”

Thank you for preserving that level of thought.

During my years as a member and president of the Ohio County Board of Education, I cannot recall even a hint of hesitancy when it came time to provide funds to the Ohio County Public Library. Although it was mandated by law at that time, no one ever objected to sharing the citizens’ money with a vital segment of the county’s (overall) education system.

Sadly, I feel obligated to share the following with you. Rumor has it that organizational efforts are already beginning to ensure the defeat of the next bond levy request by the board of education. That must not happen.

But, there is still time to reverse the decision of reducing the level of operating funds given to the library. Simply follow the basic “educational” process of observing, listening, evaluating and reacting. Trust me, you would be recognized by those who elected you, and all the citizens of the county, as responsive, responsible, true to your sworn duty and “plenty smart.”

I sincerely thank you for listening … I hope!

Clyde Campbell

President Emeritus,

West Liberty University



Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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