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An Open Letter to Sen. Manchin

Editor, News-Register:

Dear Sen. Manchin,

You often state you will not vote to remove the filibuster because you firmly believe in bipartisan governance.

While that is a worthy ideal, how can bipartisanship work when one partisan refuses to cooperate? The leader of Republican senators has said he opposes anything the Democrats want “100%.”

But don’t just consider his words, look at Republican actions. After Senate Democrats yielded to all of the Republicans’ demands for modifying the proposed charter for a Congressional Commission to investigate the Jan. 6 insurrection, only six Republicans actually voted for it. Although supporters had a 54-vote majority, that wasn’t enough to overcome the Republican filibuster.

And so I ask you, Sen. Manchin, why do you support the filibuster when Republicans are not interested in bipartisanship?

Of all the proposals in the Democratic agenda, the most important initiative is S1, election protection. Republican state legislators are passing voting restrictions, and vote-counting loopholes, all over this country. We are witnessing them rigging the next election right before our eyes!

S1, the For The People act, can reverse those partisan schemes.

The Act is necessary to prevent Republicans from stealing the next Congressional election in 2022. But to pass S1, the filibuster must be rescinded.

Why do politicians want to win political power? Political power should be the means for policy programs, not an end in itself. Democrats have clearly articulated the policy programs they want to institute. Republicans have not. The only thing Republicans are standing for is opposing the Democrats.

Sen. Manchin, why are you letting the “Party Of No” use the filibuster to stop Democratic initiatives in this crucial time?

How does your political career benefit from enabling senatorial inaction when repair of our economy and our democracy is so greatly needed? Are you planning on changing parties before the next election? I hope not.

A filibuster-free Senate majority is needed to pass election protection laws and the other initiatives now. What is the purpose of being West Virginia’s democratic Senator if you refuse to support the much-needed policies that Democrats are promoting?

Bruce Joffe

Piedmont, Alaska


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