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Follow the ‘Squad’s’ Advice

Editor, News-Register:

Recently a congresswoman from the “Squad” admonished Senator Joe Manchin for not supporting priority partisan legislation and the elimination of the filibuster, saying he should “join us…or get out of the way.”

As senator, Manchin’s responsibility is to represent the views and the values of West Virginians, who resoundingly rejected the Democratic national platform in November.

The Democratic agenda has become even more radical since gaining power, so the “join us” option is untenable.

Yet pressured to “follow the party line,” Manchin has at times disappointed many of his supporters by his votes.

Since it is not clear what “get out of the way” could possibly mean if he is not supporting their radical proposals, I suggest that Joe take it literally: “get out.” Not out of politics, but out of the Democratic Party — with which his ideological gap will only continue to widen — and become Republican.

As such he could more faithfully represent West Virginians, would do immeasurable good for the country as a whole, and assure his reelection for as long as he ran. Although not unprecedented, it nonetheless would be a bold, courageous and history-making move.

All those who voted for Joe in 2018 because they like him as a politician but regret that the “D” after his name now gives Democrats control of the Senate, should write and tell him so.

Joe, when members of your own party demean you for stands you have taken on principle, perhaps it’s time to tell them “good riddance.”

Julio Demasi



Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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