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Real Changed Needed in W.Va.

Editor, News-Register:

I am writing to share a heavy heart, as a young, born-and-raised in Moundsville, West Virginia teacher who now finds it necessary to leave the Mountain State.

I took great pride to attend West Virginia University and John Marshall High, proud to call myself a Mountaineer, and honored to serve my state as an educator in public schools for four years. It was my ultimate goal to give back to the state through education. My intention was to use my talents to be a part of educating and remove ignorance.

Schools exist to build a nation. Teachers are nation builders. I take this position in this (should be) respected institution and the importance of my subject (Social Studies) very seriously.

As in all matters of important public policy, writes R. Freeman Butts, “In Education the hope of the democratic way of life rests upon reasoned intelligence, sober regard for the truth, and free and open discussion of the merits of opposing points of view.”

The West Virginia Legislature is not providing the tools for teachers to be the nation builders they could be. The public policy they are creating is not resting upon reasoned intelligence, or a sober regard for the truth. How can we expect Social Studies educators to instruct on free and open discussion of merits of opposing points of view when the West Virginia Legislature and the governor’s office closed the Capitol to constituents and limited remarks from legislators? How does a Civics teacher (address) the lie that the 2020 election was stolen when numerous courts have ruled against but our AG supported a lawsuit to overturn election results?

How do we advance our society/community when our Legislature passes regressive policies that put us behind?

It is clear the past several years the Legislature has been anti-worker, anti-teacher, anti-union, anti-health and safety. I share the feeling of so many workers that we keep investing in this state and seeing no return. I never thought I would, but I am joining the masses to cross state lines to be included in a place that provides and welcomes the opportunity to grow.

Josh Dobbs



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